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Intergalactic greetings


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Hello!  here’s a few pictures, links and some blurb about my music.

Also click here for more stuff on my HOME PAGE MalcolmDixon.com

Cosmic greetings!

album art (front) 1400x1400 microwave pants by malcolm dixon

Latest album
MICROWAVE PANTS released under Flicknife Records (catalogue number SHARPD19107)   available now  here  Amazon  and  iTunes     and throughout the galaxy!

Malcolm Dixon – vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, keyboards, flute, bass
Rebecca Welshman – backing vocals, conceptual research, Space Weather Update Announcement.
Huey Dowling – backing vocals, bass and additional acoustic guitar, and voice of ‘The Space Shipping Forecast’.

Here’s a pic of me with Captain Sensible in Newcastle

Captain Sensible and Malcolm Dixon
Sensible and Dixon Newcastle

some images and links I had on my old web site.

Malcolm Dixon Album Art 2

captain sensible band
Captain Sensible’s Ugly Sods


Incredible New Improved Aliens EP album notes

Reissued 2015 (Distributed by Cherry Red Records)

Malcolm Dixon Album Art 3CD fromtMalcolm ARTIST MD

get EP or stream on Amazon

or at Google Play

At Sonic Rock
On Flute with ‘Whimwise’

My EP Lyrics Page



here’s a link to another video we made on YouTube and some more links

Malcolm on twitter

Facebook page

YouTube Channel

I Tunes

Malcolm Dixon image

Thanks for visiting..



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